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Founding Chairs

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Claudine Bacher



Manuela Roosevelt

Executive Director

Donna Lackner-Horn

NPS Liaisons

Amy Bracewell, Superintendent,

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites

Frank Futral, NPS Curator,

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites

Board of Directors

Claudine Bacher, Founding & Past Chair 

Douglas Brinkley

Michael Byrne

Erin Cannan, Secretary

Georgie Gatch (1999-2017)

Carol Hillman, Past Chair

June Jaffe 

John Kenyon Kinnear, Jr., Current Vice Chair

Barbara Abramoff Levy

Marilyn Swartz-Lloyd

Bobbie Greene McCarthy (1999-2017)

Christopher E. Myer, Treasurer

Michal Regunberg

Manuela Roosevelt, Chair

Erik Stangvik

Who we are

Our passionate Board of Directors, Staff, Honorary Board, and National Council – comprising leaders in public life and business, as well as scholars – are dedicated to advancing Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy and vision: 

Princess Juliana of the Netherlands hosted by Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt at Val-Kill.

National Council


Jane Alexander
Maurine Beasley
Allida M. Black, PhD
Blanche Wiesen Cook, PhD
Maureen Corr (1999–2009)
Susan Curnan
Priscilla H. Douglas EdD
Susan Eisenhower
Hamilton Fish 
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Blanche K. Goldstein, Esq.

Betsy Shure Gross

Pamela Hayes, Esq.

Cheryl Bell Homer

Representative Nita Lowey
Harriet Millrose
Sally Minard
Richard Moe
Sharon Patrick
Lia Poorvu
James & Ann Roosevelt
Eleanor Seagraves
Silda Wall Spitzer, Esq.
Cathy Douglas Stone, Esq.
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Hon. Christine Todd Whitman

"In group work it is certainly the better part of wisdom to take the result and let the credit go."

Eleanor Roosevelt


Board Chair Manuela Roosevelt inspires students from Bard College with the legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt.


​"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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