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In the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt's passion and dedication for education and America's youth, the Partnership has sponsored numerous programs to further young peoples' understandings of her contributions toward human rights and dignity for all:  


Tomorrow Is Now  | The Eleanor Roosevelt Conferences


ERVKP has partnered with Bard College, the Open Society University Network (OSUN), the Talloires Network at Tufts University, to deliver high-caliber speakers in conversations that explore the many ways in which Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy can provide vision, guidance, and inspiration in times of global social challenges and inequity to an audience of more than 300 participating colleges. Named after the title of Eleanor Roosevelt’s last book which she authored in 1963, Tomorrow is Now, these conferences seek to re-eliciting her passion for social justice and human rights to a younger generation.

The conferences will be hosted by Bard College remotely (via digital links) and students will be able to ask the guest speakers questions. This extraordinary opportunity enables us to bring Eleanor Roosevelt and her work to many college students around the world. More information | Watch Past Speakers >

Bard College’s Study of the US Institute for Civic Engagement Convenes at Val-Kil


For five consecutive years, the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Partnership has hosted programs for students from the Middle East and Eurasia touring the US for the first time. Students are selected to participate in this stellar program by the US Department of State and Val-Kill is their first stop, where they learn about Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy and life.

​"It is today that we must create the world of the future"

Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt with Wiltwyck School boys at Val-Kill.


​"Education is the cornerstone of liberty."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Students from Bard College visit Val-Kill.

CUNY Students enjoying their time at Val-Kill.

Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice 


In May 2016 we launched an exciting pilot program with the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice, an institute of the City University of New York (CUNY) dedicated to training social justice lawyers to work from the local to global levels to protect rights of those affected by instability conflict and repression.  The law students explored the creation of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and shared their thoughts of how Eleanor Roosevelt's methods for social change remain relevant to the work they are doing worldwide.  

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