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Our Mission

The Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Partnership has a critical role to play in making Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and work a galvanizing touchstone for our time.  Eleanor Roosevelt’s unique combination of political savvy and human empathy contributed to some of the greatest social achievements of contemporary life: the advancement of women’s leadership, the championing of global consensus and framework for human rights in the drafting and passing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the support of meaningful civil rights progress in the United States, and the pioneering of infrastructure development through the New Deal, Arthurdale, rural revitalization, and Val-Kill Industries. Eleanor’s approach to social change is needed today. Our Board of Directors, staff, Honorary Board and Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders in public life and business as well as Eleanor Roosevelt scholars committed to this vision. 

The Living Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt

"Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home..."

Eleanor Roosevelt


An aerial view of Val-Kill – the only National Historic Site dedicated to a First Lady.

Our History

Originally founded by First Lady Hillary Clinton as part of her Save America’s Treasures program, The Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Partnership has been dedicated for nearly two decades to the realization, funding, and implementation of a full and inspiring range of visitor enhancements for Val-Kill in partnership with the National Park Service. The Partnership develops transformative experiential programming that contributes in a significant way to advancing Eleanor Roosevelt’s model as an agent of social change.

The Partnership’s programs and on-site funding help to revitalize Eleanor Roosevelt’s life and work through its support of interpretive projects at Val-Kill as well as building engagement, awareness, and action nationally and internationally for her leadership on social justice issues through collaborative partnerships and programming dedicated to her ideals in our time. 


​"Val-Kill is where I used to find myself and grow.  

At Val-Kill I emerged as an individual."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt relaxing in the grounds of Val-Kill.

Upcoming Events at Val-Kill

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of our Spring and Summer programs to be rescheduled or canceled, we continue to build a robust platform of future events. Please check back again for on-line activities and those that will be held publicly. In the meantime, take a peek at recordings from our Tomorrow is Now conferences, as well as other related media: view here >

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